Friday, October 23, 2009

A College Student Talks about Homeschooling

On Fridays, we have some special treats lined up for you. We’ll conduct interviews, entertain guest bloggers, and tell funny homeschool stories.

Today we’re interviewing a homeschool graduate, Lindsay Burt, from Texas.

Homeschool Soul Mates: What would you like us to know about you?

Lindsay: Because I was homeschooled for all 12 grades I never experienced public school. People say I missed out on so much, but I actually think I missed all the negative things and gained so much more than anyone in a public school setting could ever find.

Homeschool Soul Mates:
How did you meet homeschool friends and do you still keep in touch with them?

Lindsay: I met other kids by becoming involved in a homeschool group. We took classes together, played sports together and became a family. In a homeschool group, the other kids and families become like your own family. You do everything together, and you become so close that it stays with you forever. I am 24 years old and all of my best friends are the ones I played sports with and hung out with in high school. A couple years ago, I saw a girl I played ball with, and we talked about the fact that even if we hadn’t stayed in touch we knew that if at any time in the future we were to need something we could always call a fellow homeschooler, and they would be there. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Homeschool Soul Mates: Did you think socialization was a problem when you were homeschooled? Why? Why not?

Lindsay: When my mother decided to homeschool me at age 5, my father’s side of the family wasn’t too excited about it. They were so concerned with our athletics and “social life” (or lack thereof). My grandmother quickly learned when we moved right next to her that we were most definitely not lacking in that department! She said “I can never get a hold of you, you’re always doing something!” Socializing is a choice. When you are involved in a group, you will always have friends, things to do, and fun to have! I’m pretty sure we drove our parents crazy sometimes with all of our activities (I know my poor mom was worn out!), but they made high school so much fun. I have many days now where I wish I could just go back to high school! (And I haven’t found any public school kids with that thought!)

Homeschool Soul Mates: Would you ever consider homeschooling your own children someday? Why or why not?

Lindsay: I am actually planning to homeschool my children someday. It can be difficult to find a boyfriend who went to public school who won’t refuse it, because they don’t understand the positive impact of homeschooling (they are usually concerned about the athletics!). I feel that as a Christian and a parent I want to be the one raising my child and teaching them the way they should go. Because I was homeschooled I know all of the activities and opportunities there are for children as well as the positive impact other homeschool parents can have on your children. The other positive to homeschooling is the amazing closeness of your family. My siblings and I are inseparable, and I have yet to meet a homeschool family where the kids were not closer than anyone could imagine. (Although they still might fight… we aren’t perfect ) I want that for my children because I believe family is number one.

Homeschool Soul Mates: Wow, great answer. What are you doing now and how do you think homeschooling prepared you for it?

Lindsay: I am currently finishing up my degree at Texas Woman’s University. Don’t let anyone ever tell you as a parent, or as a homeschooler, that you won’t make it in college. It’s a lie. The self-discipline required in homeschooling is a great aid in college coursework. And personally, I think we might even be kinda smart J. Every homeschooler I know that wanted to go to college got in… and actually graduated (many with masters and quite a few going through PhD programs).

Because my mom is so passionate about hard work, she drilled it into us daily (the benefit of having your child in your hands at all times!!). That has led to success in my work life as well and enabled me to secure a job and the ability to move up in a massive company.

Homeschool Soul Mates: Sounds like you have a great mom! How did homeschooling shape you as a person?

Lindsay: I feel that the shaping of a child is largely due to a parent’s involvement. Because I was homeschooled, my parents molded and shaped me to be a hard-working Christian. People that don’t know anything about homeschooling think they know what a homeschooler looks like. Well… they’re wrong. No one I have ever worked with ever knew until I told them. Being homeschooled doesn’t mean you are shaped to be a “nerd” and incapable of properly socializing. I feel that in many cases your social skills are increased, and you are shown many things about the world without having to become involved in them. The interaction with parents on a consistent basis and the impact other parents had on my life will stay with me forever. You feel wonderful about yourself with so much support around you, and that confidence in yourself will carry you farther than any amount of education.

Our thanks to Lindsay for joining us today! I was planning a blog to blow the cover off the socialization myth, but Lindsay did it for me! Does it encourage you to hear of homeschoolers who are successful in college and plan to homeschool their kids some day? What questions would you like us to ask homeschool students in the future?

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