Friday, October 16, 2009

Interview With a Homeschool Graduate

Today we welcome Angela Bell to our blog!

Homeschool Soul Mates: Welcome, Angela, and thanks for the interview. Can you tell us how long you homeschooled?

Angela: I have been homeschooled my whole life. I gradated on June 14, 2008.

Homeschool Soul Mates: How did homeschooling shape you as a person?

Angela: It gave me strong relationships with my family, especially my mom, which has shaped me into a family oriented person. It also developed in me a firm belief and passion for Jesus and my Christian faith. I can't wait to have a family of my own to teach about the love of Christ.

Homeschool Soul Mates: I love that answer! Would you ever consider homeschooling your own children someday? Why or why not?
Angela: I am planning on homeschooling my children because I want to instill in them the love for learning my mom has instilled in me. I want to give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams instead of sticking them in a box labeled "traditional education". I also want them to learn in an environment where God is honored.

Homeschool Soul Mates: Did you think socialization was a problem when you were homeschooled?Why? Why not?

Angela: Every child goes through a stage when they feel awkward and shy around people and have a difficult time making friends. I personally feel being homeschooled gave me an advantage in my social development because during that awkward stage I had a strong foundation at home.

Homeschool Soul Mates: What activities were you involved in outside your family?
Angela: I took ballet lessons for seven years and was a member of my church's children's dance team. I also took swimming lessons. In high school I was involved in the H.O.P.E. Student Council for two years, one year as Secretary. Most recently, I was a member of my church's youth worship team.

Homeschool Soul Mates: What did you like most about your experience as a homeschooler?

Angela: My father is a minister and travels often mainly on the week-ends. Homescholing has given us flexibility to work around my dad's schedule. If he was gone on the week-end we'd do school while he was gone, and when he was home on a week day we'd take time off to be with him.
Now, I'm taking a fiction writing course, taught by Miss Teri, and am pursuing a career as an author. Homschooling gave me such a love for books and reading. I'd love one day to see a book I wrote on a shelf in someone's home. I also work in my church's infant nursery, and work part time as a mother's assistant.

We wish you the best in your pursuit as an author! Now I'd like to ask our readers something. How has the flexibity of a homeschool been a blessing to your family?

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