Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creative Art Display

What is one thing besides books, questioning stares from fellow shoppers when you bring your school-age children out into the world on a school day, and more books, that all homeschool families collect loads of? Kids’ art work—finger paintings, leaf rubbings, magazine cut-out mosaics. My family produced boxes of it.

The problem was where to display the masterpieces. The fridge could only handle so much, so satisfy the demands of my budding Renoirs, I had to get creative. Here are some of the ideas we came up with to turn our humble home into an art gallery.
• Hang a clothesline in a hallway and suspend a rotating display of art treasures from clothespins.
• Cover three or four large cardboard boxes with colorful wrapping paper and stack them. Tape artwork to boxes for display.
• Collect an assortment of frames and spray paint them the same color. Hang them on a large wall or in a hallway with your kiddos’ artwork inside.
• Attach pictures to calendars available at copy shops and present to family members for gifts.
• Make a fabric transfer on your home printer of a favorite picture and affix it to a pillow, apron, tote bag, t-shirt, anything made of cloth. (You can find the necessary materials at any craft store.)
• Copy artwork on cardstock, fold and send one-of-a-kind greetings.

Hope these help you get those watercolors out of the storage boxes and into the world where they belong. Who knows? With all of the attention, your kids might just be inspired to be in a museum someday! (I call I get an invitation to the opening!)

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