Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'Tis the Season for Extended Families

My extended family blessed and enlivened our holidays this year. My parents welcomed us all in their home, and the ceilings rang with our laughter from our games and watching all the little ones enjoy their gifts. Some friends dropped in, and I imagine they thought we were all a bit crazy, talking at once in the sheer delight of enjoying each other.

It set me thinking about the way our extended family enriched our homeschool days. Here’s just a few.

  • A grandpa came and played Monopoly with my son and purposely paid all his bills to the bank with large bills so my son had to learn to make change.

  • Cousins took us on camping trips and taught us about loons and their weird, but charming calls. They followed it up with a tape giving the meaning of the calls.

  • A grandmother who taught first grade for many years made sure we had all the best books for kids. 

  • The same grandmother gave us a piano which has filled our home with great hymns and classical music. 

  • Birthdays crescendoed with delight over the gifts extended families sent in the mail. Gifts such as a calligraphy set, Scrabble, Word Search, and a sewing kit.

  • Extended family members also passed on their love of hobbies including gardening, camping, and crocheting.

But the greatest blessing of all was a simple one that cost nothing: encouragement. They applauded our successes and prayed us through the difficulties. Their support in the face of nay-sayers kept us going.

How has your extended family blessed your homeschool?

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