Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Vision for the New Year

For some reason, the New Year stirs up reflections of the out-going year and resolutions for the in-coming one. Just check out all the posts these days on facebook!

But a check-up on your homeschool vision might be just what you need for the coming year.

The Bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained.” Proverb 29:18.

So a vision, restrains us. It keeps us from going down trails that only distract or hinder us. A vision is a target that we can aim at in all our homeschool activities.

I recommend you take stock of your homeschool vision with your spouse. It’s important to have the same vision otherwise you end up with di-vision. (Di=two, two visions = division.)

As you begin this new year, take time to reflect. What is it that you hope to accomplish with your efforts? Where do you wish this journey would take your family?

Once you establish the vision, it will be a lot easier to say no to things that will distract. The vision will restrain you, guide you.

May God guide are you seek from Him a vision for the New Year.

We’d love for you to share your vision in the comment section below! It may bless many!

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