Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Professor and the Fish

Last week my son sent me a text message while he was in a college biology class.  (I know, such things should not be done, but when your kids are 500 miles away, even text messages during a class are welcome.)

Here’s how the texting went:

My Son: Wow, we’re bipedal organisms. Only 2% difference between us and a fish.

Me: Depends on what you measure. Is there a 2% difference between your professor and a fish if we measure intelligence?

My Son: Not sure.

I’m assuming he was kidding on that last response, and at least he was texting about the things he was learning in class. I wanted to share this with you to remind you to make sure your children have a good foundation in Creation Science and maybe some training in logic before they leave your homeschool.

Statements such as the one my son texted could easily make someone think we’re not much different from a fish. But when’s the last time you saw a fish enjoy a Beethoven sonata? Or when’s the last time the goldfish in your tank marveled over the use of symbolism in Dickens?

Like I said to my son, it depends on what you measure.

The issue with the professor and the fish is just one of many that my son has faced. One professor mocked him for believing “like your parents”. It’s important for our kids to be able to recognize such comments as attacks on their faith and flaws in logic.

One of my favorite websites for logic, apologetics, ethics, etc. is Stand to Reason.  It just might be good to assign your high school student a writing assignment that would require him to do some research on a topic from that web page. You can find it at: www.str.org.

What other resources on creation science, logic, and apologetics can you share with us?

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  1. AnswersInGenesis.org has a lot of great information.