Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Homeschool Mom's 23rd Psalm

The Twenty-Third Psalm for the Homeschool Mom

The LORD is my school’s Superintendent,
I shall not feel inadequate.
He makes me see what my children need most.
He gives me the right attitude.
I can ask for His patience every day, all day long if I need to.
He will cover my personal needs, too, even when it seems like I have no life or time to myself.
He knows what I need, and He wants to provide for me.
I don’t have to worry that I am ruining my children.
He called me to this work, and He will show me how to do it.
He will glorify Himself through my family, our school, yes, even me.
Even though I’m in way over my head, even though I fail every day,
Even though I feel like I just can’t do this, like it’s too hard,
I will trust the Lord and wake up every morning looking forward to what He will do.
I will choose to anticipate the godly adults my children will grow to be to His glory.
I don’t face the school day alone. I don’t face the opposition alone.
I don’t face the curriculum catalog alone. I don’t face my little sinners alone.
I don’t face my own weakness alone.
He is with me—around me, ahead of me, cleaning up behind me, working within me.
I can relax because He is in charge.
No matter what my family, friends, strangers, neighbors say, I can be confident.
The Lord will not let me fall.
I follow His call and His call alone.
He gives me joy as I watch my children grow and learn and love their Lord.
I know wonderful things are ahead for my children and me because we are the Lord’s.
We will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.