Thursday, March 4, 2010

Should Homeschool Students Write Fiction?

Maybe we should first discuss the pros and cons of even reading fiction. Here’s my list of reasons to read fiction:

  • God chose to reveal many truths to us through a story (check out the parables) so we follow His example.  If you insist that none of those stories were “fiction”, then read the story about the trees in Judges 9.
  • Stories reveal truths that connect with our souls and emotions, not just our heads.
  • Stories wield power. How many times do we almost nod off to sleep in a sermon only to jerk awake when a story begins?

  • We relate to truths demonstrated in the human experience.

  • We connect with our fellow humans through stories. C.S. Lewis wrote: “We read to know that we are not alone.”

However, many consider fiction to be the most difficult art disciplines. Should you give your homeschool students fiction assignments? Here’s a few reasons why I think you should:

  • Children have an opportunity to use the God-given creative aspect of their character. Scripture teaches that God made man in His image. If God is the Creator and we’re made in His image, we have a spark of that creativity residing in us. (Thanks to my friend, Shelly, for teaching me this!)

  • Students who learn to write fiction discover ways to convey their thoughts in order touch hearts, uplift souls. Imagine an entire generation of Christian students able to bring the Christian message to those in the world who will never set foot in a church.

  • Stretching to write in a difficult discipline will improve all other writing.

  • Many creative children will get excited about writing a story when they may balk at technical writing. Tap into this bent for creativity for great English lessons. The excitement will generate a target of excellence they can take aim at.

If you need some ideas about teaching fiction writing, feel free to ask here or visit my other blog at Check out contest for students while you’re there!

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