Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Matter of Character

For the first time in my life, this year I followed the NFL draft. I couldn’t help it because a homeschooler made history. At least (in my limited knowledge) I’d never heard of NFL teams considering a homeschooler before.
A lot of hoopla circled around Tim Tebow mostly because of his fine Christian testimony. Many of the naysayers downgraded his chances in the draft saying he dipped his arm too low as he passed the ball and the offense of his college team wasn’t conducive to the NFL.
Most predicted he’d go in the third round or later if anyone wanted him at all. But there was one thing everyone agreed upon. Even the detractors had to admit that he brought something important to the table: “off the chart intangibles”.
Translation: character!
No one could deny Tim Tebow’s leadership qualities and dedication to hard work. He’d already spent a month fixing the problem with dipping his arm before passing. He’d proven time and time again that he would be the one to be first on the field to work and last to leave. He’d shown how he could lead his team, inspire them, and take them to championships.
So when all was said and done, the Denver Broncos traded up and down the board and gave up a lot to go with the young man who displayed outstanding character.
I hope you moms who find yourselves in the thick of homeschooling will take courage in this. It’s not the academics that matter most. It’s not the advanced classes or increased time for creative outlets that will contribute the most to your children’s success.
It’s a matter of character.
Tim Tebow has already used his platform as a successful college football player to start a foundation for Christian ministry. So I took great delight as my Internet connection gave a live shot of Tim answering the phone call from the Denver coach. I look forward to see where this new platform leads him.
As you work day in and day out with your children, I pray that you will remember most of all to point them to Jesus and develop their character.

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