Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Worldview on Child Training

      Our worldview guides the way we train our children. If we view the world through a Christian lens, we will train, correct, and guide them in a different way than a humanist or socialist would. What scares me a little is that too few parents take the time to articulate how a Christian should view child training.
     I’ve noticed a number of humanistic views on child training slipping into our society almost without us noticing it.
Here are a few of the dangerous ones:

• Since children are born into this world as innocent and sinless, they will do what is right if we do not impose our own prejudices on them.

• Since children are pure, they know what is best for themselves so parents have no right to impose their desires on them.

• Children are fragile and discipline, even if intended in love, could damage them for life. (I’m not advocating being either physically or verbally cruel in any way, but let’s give children credit for the strength God has given them.)

• As long as children are given all they need, they will grow up to be good and unselfish

• The community has the responsibility for our children. After all, everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child.
Let’s contrast that with a Christian worldview:
• Children are born into this world with a sinful nature. Defilement comes from the heart of man, including children. (See Jeremiah 17:9)

• Children do not have to be taught to lie, steal, bite, or pull hair. Again, these things come from the heart. The challenge is to teach them not to do these things.

• Apart from the grace of God, uncorrected children will grow up to be a burden to their parents (See Proverbs 29:15)

• God has given parents the responsibility to train their children, not the city, state or federal government.

• Discipline given in love will make a child feel more loved than allowing him to have his way in everything.

Your turn: How do you view the essence of children? What would you add to either list?

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  1. Well said Teri. More than anything else, children need to know they are sinners and their only hope for salvation is through trusting Christ alone. Thank you for speaking the truth and not watering it down.