Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Field Trips: More than the Mall and Movies

     I’ve been amazed to see large school buses pull into mall parking lots or into movie theaters. I used to ask why they were there, but now I know: field trips!

     Those trips puzzle me. Where are the more creative ideas for field trips? It seems they should be educational and unique. Don’t the kids get enough movies and trips to the mall on their own?

Here’s some trips our homeschool kids took.
  • The F.B.I.: Even medium size towns often have an office. The F.B.I. here gave our kids a wonderful tour and even let them try out some of their fabulous gadgets such a night vision goggles.
  • Border Patrol: we got to see a search dog in action, discovering hidden money.
  •  Court: The kids got to observe actual court proceedings.
  •  Fire station: the firemen even came to us!
  • Wildlife retreat: We took binoculars and a field guide to identify birds. 
  • Seashore: turn it into a fishing trip and maybe even a dissection lab.
  •  History museum: call ahead to find out their major displays so you can study ahead of time. It'll make the trip much more meaningful.
  • Science museum: Many of these have awesome presentations that you can't do at home. 
  • Post office
  •  Recycling Plant: show the kids it really works.
  • Water Purification plant: it may make you want to drink spring water!
Some field trips can combine with community service projects.
  • The Humane Society
  • Beach clean-up
  • The Food Bank
  •  Nursing homes for the elderly

How about you? Do you have ideas for field trips that are more than the mall and movies? Please share ideas with us!

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