Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Materials for a Proper Art Studio

If you haven’t already blown your whole homeschool budget, why not think about starting the second half of the year with some exciting new art supplies? Every year I designated a portion of our book money for an investment in quality art materials. I believe that investment has paid off. Both of my children appreciate art and make time for artistic pursuits. Here is a list of some of the goodies we made part of our home art studio.

Artist quality colored pencils. These are very expensive, but last years. There is no substitute for the rich color and smooth texture of good pencils. My son still uses the set I purchased ten years ago.

A good set of brushes. Teaching the children to care for them is part of the lesson.

Sketch books. We often brought our sketch books with us on nature hikes. Don’t forget the colored pencils!

Artist quality markers. There is no comparison between these and the Crayolas at Walmart. They are recommended for their superior vibrancy in many of the art books we used . Kids get excited about art when they are excited about what they produce. Good markers=outstanding results.

Drawing pencils. Not to be confused with writing pencils. They blend and shade with professional results and are another great field medium.

Real acrylic paints and palette. Learning how to mix colors is a basic art skill and is fun, too.
Of course, I didn’t buy all of these at once. We had a special shelf for the good art supplies, and they were treated with extra respect and care. I bought one or two new items a year, and many are still alive and active. Maybe one of these could end up in a little artist’s stocking!

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