Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Proof

I couldn’t resist one more word on the socialization issue. For those who still have doubts about whether or not homeschoolers can be properly socialized, here are some examples of homeschoolers in action I have personally witnessed.

Teenagers working on a project with adults—asking questions, offering input, even enjoying a few laughs. All without eye-rolling.

Groups of students writing skits together, kidding with each other and encouraging each other.

Varsity basketball players offering their free time to help with the junior varsity practices—high-fiving kids five years younger than they were.

Kids baffled by what certain swear words mean.

Hearing Yes, Ma’am and Yes, Sir from a group of teenagers.

A girl who fashioned a one-of-a-kind skirt from her father’s old neck ties who wore her creation confidently.

Hearing my children’s friends inquire about my life and then actually listen and respond to my answers.

Teammates admitting they messed up to each other.

These are just a bit of the evidence that proves to me homeschooling doesn’t harm the development of respect, teamwork, confidence, humility, concern, decency, self-sacrifice, and sense of humor that are the hallmarks of the socialization process. In fact, the age-integrated and parent-supervised nature of homeschooling probably encourages these valued characteristics. So the next time any of us is challenged by a world that doesn’t understand or misrepresents what we have been called to do, we can remember the awesome kids who everyday prove the critics wrong.

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