Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Are Homeschooled Kids Doing In These Careers?

If homeschooled kids are so lacking in social skills, what are they doing in these careers? I’ve listed only the ones I know personally, right off the top of my head.

Now serving in these careers:
·      CIA agent in Washington D.C. (rather secretive about what he does, but I imagine he’d needs some top-of-the-line social skills)
·      Occupational Therapist (this one works some in the public schools with kids that sometimes need help with socialization—does anyone else see the irony?)
·      Business manager (interacts with employees and customers, requiring above average social skills)
·      Physicist for the U.S. government doing things he’s not allowed to talk about (I have no idea if he needs any social skills for this job, but we loved having him in our home many times.)
·      A youth pastor (any social skills needed here?)
·      A missionary with New Tribes Mission (hard core socialization when you go to stone-age tribes who have no written language!)
·      Accountant (CPA)
ScScheduler for a large Home Health Care Agency (Deals with about 30 therapists and over 800 patients a week as well as other office workers.)
·      A stay-at-home Mom (so thankful for these!)
·      Nurse (I’m guessing she deals with folks who will appreciate her ability to socialize.)
·      Doctor (Bedside manners = social skills)
·      Paramedic (the kind trained to jump out of helicopters)
·      Teacher (helping public school kids improve their social skills)
·      Fashion Design
·      Music Minister
·      Graphics Designer
·      Insurance sales (I think a lack of social skills here would be a killer.)
·      Event planner (Here’s the elite of socialization, our Social Queen, if you will.)

College students working on degrees
·      Physician Assistant
·      Criminal Justice
·      Nursing
·      Physical Therapist
·      Biology
·      Chemistry
·      Theology
·      Athletic Trainer

How can you be “unsocialized” and work in these careers? These talented young men and women are some of the best in our society.

Case closed?

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  1. Don't forget Comedian : Tim Hawkins :)