Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Do You Want?

It’s time to take a few days off for Thanksgiving. Why not take this opportunity to snuggle up with your spouse and discuss what some of your goals are for the rest of the homeschool year? Or for your homeschool career?

Here are some questions to consider……….

• What are the five main characteristics we want our children to exhibit by May? When they leave our home?
• What are some experiences we want to have as a family this year? Before the kids take off to college?
• What Christian role models do we want to encourage our children to get to know?
• What is the weakness we see in each of our children? What is our game plan to help them work on that?
• What is the strength we see in each of our children? How can we help them develop that?
• What is our philosophy of education?
• What is our family motto? (This is a fun way to think about what values your family has.)
• What are the skills you want your children to leave your home with? (For us being comfortable with most sports and writing well were important.)
• How might the Lord be calling our family to serve Him?

These are just a few of the questions we asked as a homeschool couple. Spend some time discussing and have a more purposeful homeschool year.

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